Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In Which Trai Congratulates Her Readers

Hey, everybody! I just received an email from Tiffany Kelly, the Marketing and Social Media Coordinator at Quirk Books, the publisher of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and all those good things. Turns out two of my readers won prize packs from that contest I wrote about in my Dawn of the Dreadfuls review! Two of my readers, when close to 600 people entered! Wow! I promoted my review on Austenblog, The Republic of Pemberley, and the forums over at Giant in the Playground, so I have no idea where those readers who won came from, but if they're still visiting, I'd appreciate it if those people could let me know, haha!

So thanks and congrats to riseoverrun and tracylea, the winners. Also a big thanks to colecar, Marlyn, angstandennui (who called me wonderful; thank you! :D), and tinacuchina, who entered by mentioning my blog. I think most of the other blogs mentioned were pretty well established, so for a tiny blog, you guys represented me well! If you're still reading, let me know where you found me? I'd appreciate it :)

So currently I'm in the middle of tests and all that fun college-student stuff, but I'm in the middle of Kelley Armstrong's Personal Demon and a review should be up soon. Also, Tiffany from Quirk very generously offered to send me a little book called Stuff Every Woman Should Know, so I assume that'll be up in the next couple weeks, too! Yay for April!

I hope you guys have a good start to the month, and I'm grateful to have such wonderful readers. You guys rock!

- Trai

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