Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In Which Trai Does Things Other Than Read

Hello again, all! Well, I was told recently that maybe I should talk about myself a little more on here, and I think maybe it’s a good idea. I have a lot of fun opening people up to books and such I like by reviewing them here, and I thought maybe I could use my powers of persuasion to draw attention to little-known things I like or would like more people to see. Maybe this’ll become a feature; I don’t quite know! But if you guys like it, let me know and I’ll keep them coming!

Well, first there’s music.

Currently, I have two favorite bands I just love to listen to, both of them fairly little-known, and both of which I discovered through the music team of One Tree Hill. I think the songs are great and they’re constantly on my mp3 player and iTunes!

Wakey!Wakey!: These guys were used in the Season 6 finale of the show, which I didn’t realize until their lead singer, Michael Grubbs, showed up again this season and sang on the show. I was completely blown away and couldn’t wait to buy their album, which I did. It’s called Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You… and it’s wonderful. My personal favorite is the seriously uplifting song “Almost Everything”. I read a review that said the album feels like a soundtrack, and I think that’s a great comparison. There’s a range of emotions and all the songs have a different enough sound that the album never gets boring. Give the song a listen and if you like it, I would definitely recommend the album.

Everly: My second favorite band recently. The lead singer is Bethany Joy Galeotti, the girl in my icon (she plays Haley, the one whose nickname I stole, on the show). She’s a singer on the show, which makes a good vehicle for her Everly efforts. She works with her friend Amber to create music of a really wide range—from folk to rock to pop. The first song of theirs I ever heard is a gorgeous one they wrote for the troops in Iraq, called “Home Is Me – You Are Mine”. Their music is really great and I can’t wait for an album of theirs to come out.

Then there’s TV. The show I’m about to plug is what I’m watching now, actually!

Being Erica: It’s an absolutely fun show from Canada that is just finishing up its second season next week. I discovered the first season on Hulu when I was bored and wanted to give it a try. I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with it as much as I have. The premise of the show is that Erica Strange is 32 and unsatisfied with the choices she has made in her life. A therapist, Dr. Tom, offers to help her go through her regrets—by sending her back to them via time travel and letting her change them. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t, but Erica always learns something. This show has so much heart and feeling to it. The Season 1 finale had me crying like a baby, and there’s always a few laughs an episode. Dr. Tom, played by Michael Riley, is a scene stealer, and Erin Karpluk, the lead, is absolutely appealing and engaging as Erica. I’m 19 and can’t always relate exactly to Erica’s situation, but there is always something that makes the show relatable to me. There’s so much wisdom in the writing and I really hope Canada gives us a Season 3. I encourage anyone who wants a fresh take on time travel or just a plain good show to check this one out on Hulu. I wish there were more shows like this one, honestly.

I hope you all enjoy this feature and maybe find something you like out of it. Should my eclectic taste in things lead me to more stuff, I’ll make sure to share it with you guys. In the meantime, enjoy!

- Trai

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