Sunday, September 12, 2010

In Which Trai Considers a Heyer Challenge

Hello, all!

This is something new for me; I've never done it before and I'm excited at the prospect. This could be because it's nearly 1 o'clock in the morning and I'm not quite sure what I'm getting myself into. ;)

I recently started reading Georgette Heyer, after hearing for some time that any Austen fan worth her salt (ahem) enjoys these books. I'm close to finishing my first one, and I found a Georgette Heyer group on Goodreads. One of the ladies of that group has set up a Georgette Heyer challenge, running from the 1st of this month to February 2011 (you can find the post here).

I've decided to join up, under the level of Heyer Beginner. My job: Read any 6 of her novels from any of her three genres, i.e. historical romance, historical fiction or mystery. I'm going with historical romance. With that in mind, my choices will, in all likelihood, be:

* September: Arabella (reading now)
* October: Cotillion
* November: The Convenient Marriage
* December: The Grand Sophy
* January: Friday's Child
* February: The Black Moth

I'm hoping very much to be able to complete this challenge and emerge from it eager to tackle other novels by Heyer that I have yet to experience. Anyone who wants to join in on the challenge can click on the link provided above!

Here's hoping to challenge companions!

- Trai


  1. WoW! From the lot you've chosen, Trai, you'll get a nice variety of heroes and heroines! Happy Reading!....I'm glad you have discovered Heyer.:D

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun.. I might see if there are other challenges geared toward genres that I'm interested in.. I'm not much of an Austen fan to be 100% honest, so maybe like I said I can find one for a different author/genre.